5 Reasons Why Entrepeneurs Are Taking Nootropics

When it comes to taking brain-boosting nootropics on a daily basis one group of people stands out - entrepreneurial creatives with a passion for getting things done.  These are the people who are actively working to build something for themselves and others. So anything that can promote peak performance will naturally have appeal. Here we look at the 5 key reasons why entrepreneurs are taking nootropics. (If you want to know more about nootropics check out our nootropics FAQ page).


1. To work harder for longer

It's a phrase we come back to over and over again at Project Better - working harder for longer. When you're driven by purpose and working to have an impact then being able to work at your best for as long as possible is essential. Most people think that working hard takes grit, determination, and the will to keep going. And that's true. But if working hard starts to wear you down then eventually you'll stop enjoying yourself and run out of energy. Nootropics keep your brain functioning optimally, allowing you to work harder for longer without burning out.


2. For consistently being productive

Inspiration and motivation are great for getting us fired up in the moment. But what matters most to entrepreneurs is being productive consistently. That means knowing how to put procrastination in its place and get things done when they need to be done. This takes focus. And focus is something that nootropics are well known for. Entrepreneurs are getting ahead by focussing on the right things at the right time. And they're taking nootropics to give them a productivity advantage. 


3. The happiness advantage

Life will throw a lot at us, and the more we try to accomplish the more and larger the challenges we'll face. Entrepreneurs know that if life's obstacles get you down then progress is slow and unenjoyable. This is why entrepreneurial types are using nootropics to maintain an optimistic outlook and elevate their mood daily. While some people are battling stress and anxiety, entrepreneurs are taking nootropics and maintaining their happiness advantage. 


4. Because learning is life

Entrepreneurs live by the maxim "if you're not growing you're dying". Nootropics offer a boost in memory recall and learning ability that entrepreneurs are using to maximise learning time and growth potential. For every hour you spend reading or watching TED talks on YouTube you will only retain a tiny percentage of what you learn. What is it worth to you to increase that percentage by even a small amount? 


5. So they can keep going when the going gets tough

Consistency of action and daily mood boosts will get you a long way. But the best entrepreneurs know that sometimes even the best-laid plans go wrong. Or an unexpected challenge presents itself at just the wrong moment. Nootropics give drive in these situations when everything else fails. Because the only way out is through.


Nootropics are supplements for peak brain performance. And entrepreneurs know that most of life is won or lost inside your own head. That's why entrepreneurs are taking nootropics to give them the best possible advantage as they create and build. 

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