4 Hacks For Boosting Nootropic Effectiveness

Nootropics support optimal brain function and brain health. Get this right and you will be more effective and productive in everything you do. But nootropics aren't a fix-all supplement. We also need to pay attention to lifestyle factors to get the most out of our nootropics. 

The number one mistake nootropic takers make is neglecting other opportunities for improving brain health throughout the day, and expecting nootropics to make up the difference. Truly effective people know there are things you can do every day to multiply the effect of nootropics. And here are 4 you can try right now.


Eating well

Eating well plays a major part in how well your day goes. Fast food and unhealthy eating saps energy, dampens mood and slows us down. Healthy food (think fruit, salads, even just an extra glass of water) open the floodgates to a host of benefits, many of which will multiply the effects of your nootropics every single day. A pro tip when it comes to eating well is this; if you can't eat well, skip the meal altogether. A bad meal will make you feel worse than no meal.



Nothing will clear your mind and free you up to focus like 10 minutes of meditating. If you suffer from internal drama then this one is for you. Meditating allows you to reduce negative thoughts and take back control of your internal monologue. And if you don't know where to start that is OK. Apps like Headspace and Calm offer free guided meditation sessions you can try anywhere, any time.


Moving more

Modern humans spend more time sitting than we should, and it is bad for our health and bad for our brains. Finding ways to move more will give you an instant mood and energy boost. And the long term benefits of exercise are well documented. You don't have to start running or join a gym. Try taking the stairs or going for a walk at lunch. Just increasing the steps you take each day will pay big dividends over time.


Sleeping well

Sleep is one of the biggest influences on how we feel and how well we can perform. And in the busy modern world most of us don't get enough sleep. Having a regular wake-time and aiming to be in bed 8 or 9 hours before then is the best way to improve your sleep quality and duration. And if you struggle to fall asleep then try avoiding screens for an hour before going to bed. Replying to emails at 10pm might feel productive in the moment, but you're sacrificing your effectiveness tomorrow for a few extra emails today. 


Add these to your daily routine along with nootropics and you'll see an dramatic boost in your ability to perform. Peak performance is a lifestyle choice as well as a supplement choice. 

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