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Working hard to reach your goals and be successful demands a lot from you. Restore optimal brain power with Project Better Nootropics.

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Creating a life you love means putting in the work, doing the hard things that others won't, and having the grit and determination to keep going.

Top performers use nootropic supplements to give their brain everything it needs to thrive and perform. So achieving big goals becomes possible.

Use nootropics to be your best self on demand.

Work harder for longer

More energy when you need it most.

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Beat procrastination

Focus attention and suffer less from distractions.

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Always stay optimistic

Elevate your mood, and keep it elevated.

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Learn faster and remember more

Improve your learning ability and boost your memory recall.

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Keep going when things get tough

Get the drive and motivation to keep going no matter what you're facing.

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Our story

Project Better isn't just a supplement company. It's a movement for people taking action to make their lives better. For the strivers, the hard workers and the doers. Project Better is for anyone actively working to create a life they love and live it with purpose. 

Created by two brothers and a team of like-minded partners, Project Better brings you a nootropic supplement that keeps your brain performing at it's best. So you can focus on making progress and acheiving your goals. 

Years of supplement testing, research into the brain, and plain old trial and error went into creating the formula you see today. Because being at our best and helping others to do the same is what gives us purpose.

If you're working hard to be successful and create a life you love then Project Better is for you. Welcome to the movement. 

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